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Fill My Freezer

Fill My Freezer

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Sweet Snack Option

This package is ideal for the Mumma who wants to have meals at the ready for immediately after bub is born.

Simply have it delivered around 38 weeks and place in the freezer. When you go into labour take them out of the freezer and put in the fridge ready to take to the hospital or at re-heat from home depending on where you are having your baby.

Our individual packaging can be re-heated in the oven or microwave safely. All of our meals are delivered to you fresh, not frozen. 

In this package, you'll receive foods to nourish you within the first 4 days post birth, based off our Ayurvedic Menu:

4 x Nepali Rice Puddings
4 x Pumpkin Coconut Soup
4 x Zucchini Almond Soup 
1 x your choice of sweet snack - 600gm bag of cardamom, coconut and vegan mylk chocolate slice or 10 cacao bliss balls


Do you want a full week of food? Click here for 7 Day Package



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