Don't take our word for it

As a second time mum, I knew how important it was to support myself nutritionally postpartum, but I had no idea just how yummy, nourishing, and balanced their meals would be. I fully credit the weekly packages with helping me to recover well, and it was a huge relief to know I was getting all the nutrition I needed delivered to my door. Every meal and snack made me feel balanced; anchoring my days and creating space to focus on other things (like caring for my babies!). Thank you so much for your service - you made all the difference in helping me to create a beautiful, grounded fourth trimester. I couldn't have done it without you.

- Holly M

I ordered their post partum meals to be delivered to me in hospital after giving birth and they were exactly what I needed to recover and feel nourished and nurtured. Warming Ayurvedic food delivered with love!

- Kristina W

I am so happy that Central Coast families are able to access these nutritious packages from Meals 4 Mummas, appropriate nourishment in the first days and weeks after birth support a healthy recovery for mum , a healthy milk supply and takes pressure of the family to cook as they all adjust to the newborn schedule

- Katie K, Hypnobirthing Australia Educator

The meals have been wonderful and have made the transition so much easier!! there really is nothing better than a hot meal that's already been prepared for you! I loved that they were so nutritious and tasty! I felt so good about myself while eating them! I loved the variety of flavours and veggies too! Thank you so much, I am recommeding you to everyone!

- Madison

What could’ve been a very overwhelming experience turned into a nurturing experience for me as a newborn mother. I’m so glad I made the decision to get all my meals prepared for by meals4mummas. Being a nutritionist, I knew all the benefits of having an Ayurvedic post partum diet but as a single mother let alone new mumma, it wouldn’t have been easy for me to prepare this quality of food for myself. The first few weeks of parenthood are a complete blur and I was so happy to have had the nutrition and sustenance covered for me with absolutely delicious and nourishing meals at my door, for me to easily heat whenever I got peckish.

Meals4mummas not only kept me nourished, but really made my post partum experience so much easier to transition into motherhood.

- Ashleigh