Food is a cornerstone of a woman's pregnancy and postpartum well-being. The way she is treated and cared for during this pregnancy and postpartum will set her up for her experience and journey as a mother.

Meals for Mummas was born out of the need to take better care of our mummas. We've made this service affordable for mothers to help her recover after going through undoubtedly the biggest natural physical and spiritual transformation possible.​

“After birth there’s a sacred window of time. A time for complete rejuvenation of a woman’s physical, mental and spiritual health. A time for deep, extended bonding with her newborn. The first 42 days after birth set the stage for her next 42 years.”

Ysha Oakes - Ayurvedic Doula & Post Partum Educator

We know how full on life is during pregnancy and especially once your baby arrives. We give you time and energy back by making fresh, nourishing meals delivered to your door.

Thank you for being apart of this community and making pregnancy and postpartum well-being a priority.

Our Team


CEO of Meals 4 Mummas

Hey there Mummas,

I'm Ash, the CEO of Meals for Mummas. My journey with Ayurveda started before I was a mumma.

In fact, infertility and struggling with endocrine disorders (PCOS & an ovarian tumour) is what brought me down the path of natural health and medicine over 10 years ago.

I have undertaken studies in naturopathic nutrition, western herbal medicine and Ayurvedic healthcare.

I founded my first brand is 2020, DAVĀ by Nature, a western herbal medicine brand who make hand-crafted organic tisanes and many other wonderful herbal products.

My biggest passion is helping mums to restore their health, vitality and well-being during their pregnancy and post-partum period whilst still being able to eat delicious food.

Food has always been such an important part of my life and I'm so happy to share it with so many mummas across Australia.

Ash xx


Social Media and Customer Relations Manager

Born and bred on the Central Coast, I now get to raise my three beautiful daughters Layla (4), Margot (3) and Juliet, AKA Jetty (10 months) by the water with my musician husband, Michael. I am passionate about all things Matrescence and motherhood and love any opportunity to support and connect with other women in their mothering journey.

I’ve been enjoying Meals for Mummas delicious food since my third daughter was born and believe it’s been crucial in my postpartum journey which is why I’m sooo excited to be a part of the wonderful team and play a role in the servicing of women in their motherhood journey.

I studied Journalism and Communication at University and after years' in newsrooms, I have finally found my groove in the social media managing and content creation of Meals For Mummas. You'll find me in the Meals for Mummas office working on all the fun behind the scenes content!

Cass xx


Lead Cook

Natalie has worked in hospitality from a teenager, working mostly in the coffee industry. Natalie has a passion for providing amazing food and customer satisfaction. She is currently on Maternity leave whilst she welcomes her beautiful baby boy into the world.


On-Site Creche Manager

From a little town Far Northern NSW, Beth has the most beautiful and caring soul. She is mum to 3 beautiful children and 3 step children, Beth knows all too well just how important it is to keep nourished when running a busy household. Beth works full time in our creche taking care of our staff's children so that we can create beautiful meals to nourish mummas.




On-Site Creche Manager

Hi I’m Sian,

Mummy to Bella, my gorgeous almost 2 year old daughter who is the sweetest, funniest and curliest little lady. I have a huge passion for all things motherhood and childcare and love absolutely everything meals for mummas stands for! I’m a big foodie and my hobbies most definitely include cooking and eating delicious food with Bella alongside me. I have a background in theatre and performing arts so love all things creative and musical, which I love to incorporate in to fun activities with the little ones at our creche.

Working for Meals for Mummas is just wonderful, firstly because I am surrounded by a team of strong, independent, beautiful women who I can now call friends. Secondly because I get to bring my daughter to work with me everyday and be close to her whilst she grows and learns and makes new besties of her own! And lastly because I get to enjoy and sample the most delicious food on a daily basis whilst watching the kids enjoy and explore new amazing meals 😃

Sian xx


Kitchen Hand Extrordinare

Proud dad of three beautiful girls and full-time wedding musician! I learnt about how crucial Meals for Mummas was when we had our third baby and booked a postpartum meal package for my wife. I too enjoyed the food and continue ordering even now.

I'm loving working in the kitchen when I'm not playing guitar, it's another way to let my creative flare shine. Representing the dads! 

I take care of all the intricacies such as peeling ginger, mincing garlic and rolling those delicious bliss balls.