Food is a cornerstone of a woman's pregnancy and postpartum well-being. The way she is treated and cared for during this pregnancy and postpartum will set her up for her experience and journey as a mother.

Meals 4 Mummas was born out of the need to take better care of our mummas. We've made this service affordable for mothers to help her recover after going through undoubtedly the biggest natural physical and spiritual transformation possible.​

“After birth there’s a sacred window of time. A time for complete rejuvenation of a woman’s physical, mental and spiritual health. A time for deep, extended bonding with her newborn. The first 42 days after birth set the stage for her next 42 years.”

Ysha Oakes - Ayurvedic Doula & Post Partum Educator

We know how full on life is during pregnancy and especially once your baby arrives. We give you time and energy back by making fresh, nourishing meals delivered to your door.

Thank you for being apart of this community and making pregnancy and postpartum well-being a priority.

Our People


CEO of Meals 4 Mummas

Ash is the CEO of Meals 4 Mummas. Her journey with Ayurveda started before she was herself was a mumma.

In fact, infertility and struggling with endocrine disorders (PCOS & an ovarian tumour) is what brought her down the path of natural health and medicine 10 years ago.

She has undertaken studies in naturopathic nutrition, western herbal medicine and Ayurvedic healthcare.

Ash is the founder of DAVĀ by Nature, a western herbal medicine brand who make hand-crafted organic tisanes and many other wonderful herbal products.

Ash's biggest passion is helping mother to restore their health, vitality and well-being during their pregnancy and post-partum period whilst still being able to eat delicious food.



Nikki joined our team in 2023 and is responsible for some incredible recipes and snacks that are now on our menus.

Nikki is a passionate home cook and mother to 3 beautiful little girls, Marnie, Percy & Kippa.

She loves to start her day with a yoga practice and amongst juggling her daughters she also loves cooking, gardening and travelling.


Our In-House Post Partum Doula

Rhiannon is a mother of two girls, a wife and an advocate for women transitioning from maiden to mother, honoring and holding space for matrescence as well as supporting women in their later mothering years. As a pregnancy & postpartum doula as well as a Breastfeeding Educator with The Thompson Method, Rhiannon is passionate about caring for and empowering women to experience a positive, blissful fourth trimester.

It is Rhiannon's mission that you feel informed, empowered and supported to be able to experience the most precious bond with your baby as well as a positive breastfeeding journey together.

Learn more about Rhiannon here